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Our topic for today is high heels. A quote by Marilyn Monroe caught my attention it said, “I don’t know who invented high heels but all women owe him a lot!”
High heels, one of the most important thing in life of a pageant woman, but today it isn’t restricted to just pageantry but in all fields woman can wear them as long as they are comfortable in it.
High heels needs practice,  as a pageant coach I would not divert from topics related to ll.
High heels is of utmost importance for modeling and pageantry. Stilettos is the high heels of pageantry. Selection of correct high heels  and correct color is of utmost importance.
Black, nude, silver and dull gold are colors  that  you can choose from.
Buy high heels after trying walking with them and walking in store more than twenty times, once you are sure only then you should buy. Once you buy and are back home wear n practice at home too.
Whenever you choose to try high heels,  make sure buy best quality so that heels don’t give up when you’re least expecting it. Once you decide on color though I always prefer nude color as
It’s really not easy to walk in 4 n half to six inches of high heels, what you need is lot and lot of practice.  Minimum half an hour of practice every day is going to make you perfect.
High heels gives you a different kind of confidence,  not that I don’t like flat footwear,  but high heels has something different.  The feeling of wearing heels with confidence and looking a little taller than what your actual height is wonderful.
There is pain in calf muscles and heels in the initial days when one starts  wearing heels but with regular practice not only the pain subside but your confidence is going to grow more for sure.
I like the quote connected to heels, “Always reach for your goals in your highest heels, which is good for your soles “.
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