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Good communication skills for Pageant

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Communication works for those who work at it. A good conversationalist has good vocabulary. It’s need of an hour to work on your communication skills either by reading or writing. You can also opt for a good grooming school that helps you in enhancing your soft skills and personality.
Once you enrol for a pageant, your communication begins with the organizers and co contestants. One notices your writing skills when you are made a part of some watsap group created by the organizers. There are mentors too in such groups who keep close check on all that you write or the way you articulate it.
Learn to make your own vocabulary, your question here is how do I make it??
 The easiest way is to start reading NOW, listen to some good news channels like CNN, BBC or REPUBLIC.
Keep listening to the news readers of these channels, they are so well experienced and have great command over their language. Once you listen to them well you can definitely learn some new words in English.
Once you hear, write down the word, look for the meaning in dictionary, learn the pronunciation and now you have one new word in your vocabulary.
I suggest make this your everyday habit and in no time you will have many words with meaning and pronunciation in your dictionary.
Good communication can make or break your image.
Active listening is very important part of communication skills.
The seven C’s of communication are a list of principles for written and spoken communication to ensure they are effective.  The seven C’s are clarity, correctness, conciseness, courtesy, concreteness, consideration and completeness.  Good communication is able to read mind of someone opposite you or your audience.
The 4 basic skills to learn are:
  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing



Think before you speak and body language is very important part of communication skills.
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