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Getting ready for finale

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Finale is the most important day in life of every pageant woman who has truly worked hard day in and day out for this one day.
The journey isn’t easy its a process. It’s a transformation. It’s the day when 3 D’s, Discipline, dedication and discipline is going to give you best results. This journey includes stress, sleepless nights, worry and many more mixed emotions.
Few tips for you to follow for the most important day
. Be on time for all your grooming sessions so that you do not miss any part of lectures of your mentor.
. Be well dressed, you should look like stunning and quite a head turner.
. Always be ready for learning from your mentors as they are experts in their own field.
. Carry the footwear they have asked you to bring, though I always suggest on nude colors their are many organisation that ask for black, silver or dull gold.
. Follow the instructions of your pageant organizers.
. Make sure you have practiced well your introduction and Q n A
. Don’t forget to write a thank you note for all mentors that come there to deliver lectures.
. Always have an alert body language
. Choreography is one of the most important part of finale, follow each step of your mentor well because once you come on stage the entire show depends on contestants and its your duty to make it worthwhile.
. During your introduction round make sure you are in pageant stance, shoulders pushed back,  mic in one hand, that should not be too close to your chest or face,  speak with confidence and manage your voice. Don’t forget this round is your ticket to next round. If you do well and impress judges you definitely make to the next round.
. Rampwalk at the pageant is all about the perfect walk and good poses at the head ramp. Take few seconds to pose and let the judges watch you, for that you need to walk with grace and confidence and do not stop smiling. Don’t fake a smile, judges are expert they would know it the moment you walk the ramp.
. To answer the judge’s question you have to be thoroughly prepared. Only good practice with good mentor will help you cross this level of pageant.
. Listen and understand the question, think for few seconds when the judge repeats the question and start planning your answer, once the question is asked, say thank you for the question and start your answer.
. Always remember don’t leave the answer halfway, complete the answer.
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