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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and personality development academy in India brings you the best and most important topics to be discussed in field of pageantry.
Today we choose confidence building as our topic without which preparation in all other areas of pageantry is pointless.
Being confident helps you to not only leave a long lasting impression but also helps you win the pageant, every feild of life and pageantry needs you to be confident.
Ramp walk on the stage with other contestants of national and international level, you need to walk with great confidence, smile and win hearts of audience and judges and here only one thing that works is your great walk which comes with practice and confidence that will help you win title of best rampwalker.
Introduction at the pageant needs you to be in pageant stance, smile and confident when you introduce yourself to the judges and audience, make sure it’s worth it.
Once you reach the pageant venue, always be on time and dress-code they have asked you to be in and what’s required the most here is your confidence to deal with every contestants whose their to give their best.
Photoshoot done at the venue, make sure you try few poses much before you reach the pageant venue, pose well, become a delight to the photographer, pose confidently in your best outfits and subtle make-up, photographers love contestants who pose without much efforts. Too much efforts take away the confidence from you.
Dining etiquette is one most important part of the pageant. Confidence plays it’s role here, the way you sit, your grace and poise, the way you present yourself, the way you handle cutlery is most important.
Your confidence in the Q n A round is most important, do not be nervous, be confident when you answer, a well prepared contestant is loved by all. Listen the question well take few seconds to think, a well thought right answer is better than over confident wrong answer.
Absolu Elle, helps you achieve what you have always dreamt of. Infusing confidence just being one of them. Many more topics to be discussed. Till then keep smiling and shining always!!!!!

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