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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and personality development academy in India writes week after week on topics related to the above subject.
Our topic for today is Be Bold, Be Fearless. By being bold and fearless your decision from choosing a pageant to winning a crown becomes easy.
At Absolu Elle academy one thing that I was a founder am very particular and that is offload baggage the students come with from all parts of the world. The baggage of walking the ramp, footwear,  pageant stance, and pageant dresses.
Watching youtube videos and learning to walk the ramp is a big no-no. Hire a coach who will help you sail through this process.
I always believe you have to be very bold and fearless because only this quality is going to make you stand out.
Be bold in taking decisions at the pageant,  be fearless,  do exactly what you want to keep the rules of the pageant in mind.  Don’t ever break rules that are laid out by the organization.  The rules are made keeping in mind the well-being of the contestants.
When it comes to the venue, photoshoot,  dresses, makeup, co- contestants be bold and fearless,  don’t fear anybody as long as rules and lines of the pageant are not crossed.
Don’t fear being judged when you plan to give your introduction and that should be honest, your answers to the questions asked at the pageant should be honest too.
Photoshoot you can go a little bold, with dresses and makeup,  probably a red lipstick would help to make a statement. Keeping pageant in mind dresses and poses at the photoshoot should be nothing but absolutely killing.
Being bold with pageant dresses does not mean too much of skin show, but here I mean the right attitude, being bold should be in the attitude.
Be Fearless,  fo not fear of losing at the pageant, the right practice of every aspect of pageantry will help you to have an edge over other contestants,  if you have the right coach,  the right training in no way would you fail,  do not worry of being judged,  all contestants are in the same boat.
Be bold in your thoughts,  be bold in taking decisions,  do not fear judgment.
More importantly, there are many contestants who fear the stage on the finale day, it’s more for them to understand to be fearless,  remember you aren’t going to lose anything even if you don’t win, you at least tried there are many who just dream but never work towards it.
Being bold and fearless is going to attract others towards you because I believe these are two qualities that are a rare combination. So work towards it if you haven’t thought of these qualities for yourself seriously.
Many more topics to be discussed. We will keep writing and you can read and know in detail all aspects of pageantry.

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