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6 things keeping you from the CROWN

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ABSOLU ELLE,  leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic today is 6 things that are keeping you from the crown.
1. I know it all: A very common problem among few women who participate in pageants. They actually follow Google and consider it as their Guru or watch YouTube videos and learn important topics related to pageantry. We have all heard that saying half knowledge is very dangerous, so is the case of acquiring knowledge from Google and YouTube. Pageant coach will hold your hand and help you sail through this journey very successfully.  She will teach you the tricks of the trade and help you understand the subject better.
2. Rampwalk: There is a big difference between pageant walk and walk done by models on Ramp. But this difference is hardly understood by women who wish to participate in pageants. They look at 1000 videos available on YouTube and learn the same technique,  but that’s not the right method,  there’s a difference in the walk, different things are expected by the judges from the walks. One difference I would like to mention and that is pageant walk is smile, smile and smile and when the model walks the ramp she’s not supposed to smile as that would distract the audience and the actual reason to be on the stage would be lost.
3. Do not look down upon any contestant: Groupism is one common problem at the pageant. Women from different walks of life are at the pageant and each one has a story.  Don’t look down upon any contestant. Each one has worked hard to be there just like you. There were a group of girls during my pageant days who would laugh at everyone to demoralize them. These women behave sick at times. This is one of the reasons I wish to mention this here.
4. Not choosing the right gown: Standing on the stage of the finale as a top-three finalist in every pageant woman’s dream and yours is no different.  Your pageant gown should be your winning gown. Check the colors,  patterns all before you settle for one.  There are pageants who assure you that they will give you the best designer gown but there are times it may not fit you well or the color may not suit you or the pattern isn’t very flattery. In all the above cases if you have your own gown you are absolutely sorted.  So always keep looking around for a good pageant gown for the finale and let it not be the reason for losing the crown.
5. Not having the right attitude: Winning or losing is all part of the pageant but what’s important is the right attitude at the pageant. No one will remember your gown or your looks once the pageant is over,  they will only remember your behavior and your attitude with other contestants and organizers.  So be good at all times and leave your mark and sparkle wherever you go. Not keeping the right attitude is one big reason for losing at the pageant.
6. Makeup and hairstyle are not good: This is one big reason where you scoreless and loses the chance of winning. Makeup is an art and you must practice well before you reach for your pageant.  Learn different hairstyles with all pageant dresses you carry and make your mark. Neglecting any of the two bleak your chances of winning.
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