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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic today is not only very interesting but also very informative.
Winning and losing is part of every competition, but winning a pageant is usually every woman’s dream, so losing here is something I am sure you will never be happy with.
Today we are giving you few reasons why women lose the pageant.
  1.  I know it all: There are many contestants at the pageant who think and believe they know the knowhow of pageant than anyone else knows. They have been looking at YouTube and learning Rampwalk,  Makeup and keep practicing the wrong way, without even knowing what is the pageant requirement. The clothes that they buy are probably not pageant dresses, the color of footwear is not the right color. The practice of Q&A is not much, how to frame the right answers is not taught because if one hires a pageant coach all these problems are solved under one roof. There are many contestants who believe they do not any kind of help or coach to sail through this journey, the reason for this is they think they know it all.
  2. Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am the fairest of all: A common problem that I see in students who walk into my academy and also contestants that I groom at different pageants. Many of them are obsessed with their own looks and believe there is nothing more beautiful than them in this world. I personally believe if a contestant is not very good looking it’s alright probably makeup techniques will come in handy but for someone who is dumb with communication skills,  Q &A, Introduction then there is definitely a problem,  so it’s not all about beauty in a beauty pageant but many other things help you win it.
  3. Wrong footwear selection: YouTube is one best way to mislead pageant woman or maybe there are many who carry this baggage that whatever is seen on YouTube it’s the ultimate. There are many who wear the wrong color stilettos.  Rampwalk is one of the most important parts of a pageant and if color,  style is not kept in mind there are chances one may lose the pageant. There are many contestants who concentrate on embellishments on stilettos rather than comfort and that’s one big mistake made by contestants. Before one participates must study the subject well so that no mistakes are made on a special day.
  4. Too long Introduction: Introduction is your ticket to the next round,  it has to be very impressive,  follow the timeline given by the organizers.  Don’t make your Introduction long by adding too many things in it. Remember,  the Introduction is all about you, at this moment you let people peep into your soul and the person you are, make sure it’s worth it. Add everything to it that’s meaningful, a little humor is no harm. Contestants usually add unnecessary things to the Introduction making it extra long and boring at times which leads to not making it to the next round.
  5. There is a difference between prom dresses and pageant dresses: A thin line between the two contestants fails to understand.  The prom dress is not a pageant dress.  The prom dress is good for clubbing and dancing all night, pageant dress is for women full of grace, who walk the ramp grabbing each eyeball as if she owns it. Contestants work more on what they are comfortable with rather than how the audience wants to see her and that’s a big mistake.  One has to be flexible and not rigid when it comes to dresses,  the cut, the style. It must enhance your face and body hiding flaws if any. A little skin show is good in pageant dresses. Contestants make mistakes of carrying denim and sweatpants and they lose scores. Every minute they are under scrutiny because organizers are looking for the perfect queen so one mistake and your scores go down which leads to losing the pageant.
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