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5 important things you should know before competing in pageant

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Today our topic is on few things you should know before competing in the pageant.
  1. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR CONFIDENCE Confidence is one thing that will help you sail through this journey successfully.  At the pageant, you meet women from all over the world.  One better than the other. I want to talk about my experiences here,  once I was at the pageant I started to get nervous looking at young and beautiful contestants. As time passed and I started talking to these beautiful contestants I realized each one of them had their insecurities.  Never should you think just because the contestants are very good-looking she’s very confident too? It’s not like that. All have their insecurities.  At such time what’s going to help you is your confidence.  Be confident and do all tasks well. Don’t get insecure looking at any contestants.  Fight your battle with great confidence and a smile.
  2. HAIR AND MAKEUP MATTER:  At a pageant, you are in for the competition. You should start your preparation for the pageant one year prior. Learn different hairstyles and makeup from professionals.  Once you reach the pageant venue, you have to be ready for all the grooming sessions and you don’t get much time to take help from others. With different hairstyles and different makeup, you look different every time. The organizers and judges will notice your hairstyle and makeup every time you meet them. It’s good to look pretty and different every time you enter the grooming sessions. Make a hairstyle that helps you look stunning and if the makeup is correctly done you may fetch more marks than others. Always remember makeup can make you look older if not done correctly. Once you have learned makeup keep practicing,  hairstyle also practices. If practiced well you will do these things quickly and be on time or before the time at the pageant.
  3. HIRING A COACH: This is one of the most important things you should be doing once you decide on the pageant. Look for a good coach on Google, call them, ask for course content and fee structure too. More than that you should check if he/she knows the subject of pageantry well. There are 5 important subjects here. Ramp walk, Makeup, Wardrobe Analysis,  Introduction and Q n A, Weight management. Your coach will help you learn and understand the subject well. Keep practicing Q n A, ramp walk, makeup and there is no way you would not win.
  4. NO SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS: Hard work,  Discipline, and Determination are three things that help you achieve your goals.  Success is a marathon and not a sprint. You have to keep working on it every single day. Winning a pageant is not easy,  it’s not about only good looks or great body at the pageant but also about working hard on every subject of pageantry. Without hard work nothing is possible. There is no shortcut to success.
  5. GET SPONSORSHIP:  The day you decide on a pageant start looking for sponsorship. Get sponsors for your clothes, make-up, footwear,  bags, and all things you need at the pageant. Look for a photographer who will shoot your portfolio for free and these pictures you can use for submitting for selection of audition.  The photoshoot is very expensive and if it’s done free it’s good for you. Tell them you will give credit to each one on social media.
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