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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic for today is 10 important things you should never do at the pageant.
1. Don’t try to be a model:  A pageant woman should never look like a model. The beauty of pageant women is her smile. Models do not smile on-ramp as it distracts the judges and audiences and takes away the attention from the model and also the product they are displaying.
2. Don’t speak in a language you are not comfortable with:  English is not the only language that judges get impressed with.  Speak in a language where you can impress the judges. Introduction and Q n A round both need you to speak well with great confidence.
3. Don’t look the same every day:  Never try to look the same at all times at the pageant.  Try different hairstyles,  makeup, and dresses.  Become the surprise element at the pageant.  Judges love the contestants who keep trying new things and look beautiful and refreshing situations where there is stress all around.
4. Don’t look like Mother Teresa:  The moment a woman decides on a pageant she believes the organizers are only looking for mother Teresa,  but it isn’t like that. The organizers want to know your work towards the community. Be honest in your work towards people and society.
5. No groupism:  At a pageant, you are to compete and not make friends and form groups. Everyone there is your competition. Keep your pageant strategy cards close to your chest. Don’t let anyone know what’s in store and how you plan to surprise everyone. Don’t form groups or don’t be part of any group.
6. Do not criticize:  Pageant is a healthy competition and not war. Don’t get in with others and start criticizing your co-contestants.  Everyone is fighting their own battle and wants to be in the top 3, respect each contestant, and don’t criticize.
We add on here a few things you should never do while leaving the pageant if you do not win.
7. Don’t pack your bags and leave:  you should never pack your bags and leave if you are not in the top 3. Do not get angry and leave. It is advised to stay back, congratulate the winners, and then try speaking to judges about what was something they were looking for and didn’t find in you. Get all your answers from the judges and organizers for not being selected. There is no point in crying later and thinking you wish you had waited and got all your answers.
8. Don’t bad mouth winners and organizers: Always remember the decision is already made. If you wish to talk regarding the pageant talk to the organizers directly.  Don’t take on to your social media and write bad about the pageant,  the organizers, or the winners.  It’s a small world, you may meet them again then instead of looking at the other side and feeling bad for what you did it’s better to talk now and end the matter.
9. Don’t forget to thank everyone:  Once the pageant is over, meet the organizers and the team and thank them personally for all the efforts taken that were worth the time and money.  It’s always good to carry some small gifts or thank you cards.
10. Announcement of not winning on social media:  If you have been actively writing and posting on social media about your pageant then its good to announce if you did not win because people have voted for you and have been on this journey with you, so if you dint win for any reason talk about it on social media thanking each one for their support.
We try writing as many topics as we can and hope to help you in this beautiful journey of being a pageant woman. We are here to help. Feel free to call on 96643 47414  for any further questions on the above subject.

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